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The North African country of Libya is only a few months away from being a traditional holiday destination, but the more intrepid tourists choose to come here for a holiday of a different kind. Libya's coast, including the Nafusa Mountains, is destitute in summer, and coastal areas can be visited all year round. All kinds of water sports are offered in the seaside resorts along the coast, including the port of Benghazi, which combines magnificent buildings with large open spaces. Greek when it comes to the Mediterranean, the most popular destination for tourists from Europe and North Africa.

The port provides access to Cyrene, three hours from Benghazi, which emanates from the hills and is the most popular tourist destination in the Libyan coastal region. Check out our guide to the top tourist destinations in Benghazi and the rest of Libya for more information.

While Al-Nakheel beach in Benghazi stands out as one of the best places to windsurf, there are a number of other beach resorts and resorts along the north and east coasts. Zuwarah and Sabratha have a number of beautiful Libyan beaches, such as this one, and Al Bayda is also within easy reach.

The first is Benghazi itself, one of the most important cities in the Hellenic world, which serves as a symbol of peace and stability in a troubled time and as a symbol of freedom and democracy.

Here, Gaddafi vowed to fight the uprising, and here, too, thousands gathered to usher in a new era before Tripoli finally fell. The country descended into civil war, and the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood's Islamists included brutal attacks and sit-ins - in which hundreds of people died. By May 2020, Tripoli, including Mitiga airport, was hit by indiscriminate attacks on residential areas in Tripoli, including the Italian residence and Turkish embassy, the country's second largest city.

This completely flat and depressing place is in a salt pan on the outskirts of the city, and the inconvenience is compounded by the fact that old camels from Benghazi went there to die. The only other recognizable ancient remains are a small wooden statue of a camel on its back, but no possible anchorage has been found.

The best time to visit Tunisia if you want to take part in an adventure trip in the Libyan Sahara is in late autumn, between October and January. In summer, it is too hot, so most tours are designed to include a land trip from Tripolitania to Cyrenaica, which can last all day, and then use Benghazi to explore archaeological sites such as Green Mountain, including Cyrene, Apollonia, Qasr, and Libya's Slontah. In any case, you must first fly to the capital of Libya and then take the bus to Benghazi. You can also fly from Tripoli or Benghazi airport across the Mediterranean to Tripoli, Benghazi or even Tunis.

Libyan entry visa can be requested from your local Libyan embassy or consulate. For more information, please visit our Libya visa page. Please send us an e-mail regarding your visa request via our contact form or our e-mail address on our website.

If you are travelling to Libya as a media representative, please obtain press accreditation from the relevant Libyan authorities. Pay careful attention to all representatives appointed by your mission abroad, as travel documents for entry to Libya must be requested from your Libyan embassy or consulate.

Visitors, Tunisian and Turkish nationals coming to Libya for business or pleasure, need a passport and entry visa before entering the country. A passport or visa is required to enter Libya from a country other than the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Canada. Visa must be issued by your Consulate or Embassy in Libya or your Embassy or Consulate in the Middle East and North Africa (MEA) or the European Union (EU) and / or Other countries in Europe or North America (EAEA). Passports or visas are required to enter Libya from all countries except the US and Europe, as well as from other African and EMEA countries.

Although Libya borders some very attractive African countries, crossing the border can be problematic, requiring a lot of organisation and is often problematic.

The easiest way to explore the neighbouring country is to fly to Tripoli International Airport, where free flights from the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are extremely popular. Buses and collective taxis run through the streets of Tripoli, Libya's capital and the country's second largest city. ATMs are located in the city centre, as well as in many of the major hotels and restaurants in Tripoli.

One of the best tours Libya has to offer is a visit to the Ghadames desert south of Tripoli, but all three places have been closed since the revolution. You may be able to speak to a local guide who will help you visit.

More About Benghazi

More About Benghazi